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Why Young People Are Poorer Than Ever | Humphrey Yang

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Q: How are you updating your content to do well on AI search engines?

Winning answer: Mixing Old and New Tricks: Keeping up with usual SEO (like keywords) while also using AI to get new insights for better content

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New Interview

Why Young People Are Poorer Than Ever | Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang discusses the financial challenges faced by younger generations and offers insights on building wealth.

Wealth accumulation strategies and insights

  • 💰 Job hopping may result in much higher salary increases than the standard 10%, as seen from personal experience and not accounted for in studies.

  • 💼 Humphrey took a pay cut when he went back to working in video games, but quickly rose from making $36,000 a year to $140,000 in just a few years through promotions.

  • 🤑 Saving 20% of your paycheck is recommended for becoming a millionaire as quickly as possible.

  • 📈 Net worth explodes after reaching $100,000 due to the compounding effect, making it easier to accumulate wealth.

  • 💰 "It's hard to get wealthy renting out your time for a set salary. You have to find something that scales disproportionate to your time."

  • 🏠 Living at home rent-free provided stability and privilege, allowing for the confidence to take on risks and start a business.

Long-term mindset and patience in building wealth

  • 💡 Most of Warren Buffett's net worth came after his 80th birthday, emphasizing the importance of patience and long-term focus in building generational wealth.

  • 💼 Building a profitable business takes a minimum of three years, and all the gains are compounded, so the longer you stick with something, usually the better.

  • 📈 The breakout year for the YouTube channel was in 2023, showing that success doesn't always come quickly.

  • 💼 Starting a business is the best personal growth engine and forces you to take responsibility for yourself.

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