Why Webinars Still Work

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Here are some things we’re going to cover:

  • Single Grain’s free marketing plan

  • What AI will do to SEO

  • Why ‘high-agency’ people are needed

Plus my newest interview with Brain Johnson on why he wants to be God.

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Are You a Business Owner?

If you are, then you probably already know that marketing is useful (you don’t need me to tell you).

The problem is the expense, and you don’t know for sure it will work. 

At Single Grain, we give our initial marketing plan away completely for free, no strings attached.

If you’re qualified to work with us, our experts will analyze your business and send a detailed marketing plan of what you need to do moving forward.

Get your free plan here (link).

Let me know what you think of it.

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

💌 Email

The best A/B testing variables (link)


The 10% that will affect SEO in the near future (link)

🤖 AI

Google has just dropped 10 free courses on AI (link)

🧠 Marketing

The impact of AI overviews on SEO (link)

🏢 Business

You need to hire ‘high-agency’ people (link)

Deep Dive: Webinars Still Work

Russell Brunson created a $200M/year company off the back of webinars.

They still work.

And here's the cool thing - you don't need hundreds or thousands of people attending your webinars. That's a common misconception. What matters more is the type of business you're selling to and how big the deal sizes are.

I just did one where all the attendees are all business operators doing more than $13M a year (some 9 figures and even 10 figures in revenue).

Since it was a niche topic, only 90 people registered and around 35 people showed up.

It doesn't seem like much, but if your customer lifetime value is $100k+ and you get at least one customer from the webinar, you should be cranking out webinars all day.

Here are a few things you can do to maximize your webinars:

1. Simulcast it using a tool like Livestorm or Restream

Instead of just hitting one channel (typically your email list), distribute it across LinkedIn, X, YouTube, etc. You never know who might be watching.

2. Promote throughout your webinar

You can have a soft call to action like getting people to scan a QR code to join your free e-mail list or to follow you on socials. 

That way, if you have an offer to push at the end, the audience will be used to you subtly dropping light promos here and there.

3. If you're doing a partner webinar, make sure to get the attendee list

Your sales team can hit up the webinar attendees afterward and just ask if they have any questions or to see how else they can support them. The reality is that 95% of people aren't ready to buy and people need to be warmed up.

The irony is that 95% of people aren't willing to play the long game to win the 95% of people who aren't ready to buy right now. 

Keep nurturing.

4. Leverage partner webinars

Many people in your space have your audience and aren't competitive with you. If you have any semblance of an audience, they're usually down to collaborate with you.

They want to add more value to their audience and you want more leads. It's a win/win.

These are heavily underrated and still valuable today.

Sometimes, what's old is new because people stop doing it. If it's working, why wouldn't you triple down until it stops working?

Happy webinaring.

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