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  • 5 emotions to trigger with copy

  • Breaking $1m as an agency owner

  • How to calculate ROAS accurately

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Deep Dive: ROAS

Meta will tell you that your ads are hitting a 3 ROAS.

Google will tell you that its campaigns are achieving a ROAS of 4.

But, when you look at your overall spend and profit, you might be hitting a 2.75 ROAS overall. 

How can the platforms be so wrong?

  • Depending on where your conversion data is from, it could be modeled to make up for the loss of tracking due to cookie depreciation and ad blockers.

  • If a future purchaser is served one of your Meta ads, Meta will claim credit for the purchase (depending on the settings you have in your account).

  • Google will also claim credit for purchases or conversions if the customer interacts with your campaigns along the path to purchase.

This means that both Meta and Google could claim credit for the same purchase, making proper attribution a nightmare.

What can you do to understand what channel or campaign is working?

  • Invest in a 3rd party tool such as Northbeam, TripleWhale, or Rockerbox. These tools have their own system to tell you what is working and what isn’t. You can lose some visibility into how the campaigns influence each other and influence organic traffic. This option may come with a hefty price tag and requires some critical thinking and analysis to make it actionable.

  • Connect all platforms directly to your internal CRM. This limits the purchase modeling that occurs in platforms.

  • Run incrementality testing with strict parameters to better understand new efforts and how they impact your bottom line.

  • Calculate your marketing efficiency ratio (MER). This is the profit you earn from all channels divided by the cost of your marketing efforts. The goal would be to improve your marketing efficiency over time.

  • Hire a data scientist to run regression analyses and mixed media modeling for your business. This is likely the best data you could get, but it also is the least cost effective.

The best option for your business is likely a combination of two or three of the above options.

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