The Power of Podcasting In 2024

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Here are some things we’re going to cover:

  • The genius of the Kardashians

  • Using LinkedIn to boost SEO

  • Why we need podcasts

BTW AI podcasts might completely disrupt the podcast industry...

Companies like Perplexity are starting AI-generated podcasts.

And they seem to be working...

Eric Siu :)

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Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

📈 Marketing

The genius of the Kardashians (link)

🤖 AI

Stanford researchers just dropped Proteus (link)

📲 Social Media

What would a TikTok ban actually look like? (link)

🎯 Sales

Is ChatGPT really driving sales? (link)


How to skyrocket your SEO using LinkedIn (link)

Deep Dive: Podcasting Power

Popular VCs like Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman, Ben Horowitz, and Chamath Palihapitiya all have podcasts now.


Because marketing is getting harder and that means it's harder to stay relevant these days.

Traditional marketing channels are becoming too expensive and the one true way to determine whether you're driving actual value is to see how your organic reach is performing.

Just one video alone can pop off and drive millions of views. Then you can choose if you want to convert that video into an ad to squeeze the juice out of it.

Going the podcast route is smart for a few reasons:

- They don't need to become full-time content creators. They can just take the videos and slap them onto YouTube and chop them up for short-form videos while also benefiting from the Apple/Spotify podcast ecosystems.

- Because podcast listener retention is high, they will build deeper relationships with their followers, which might lead to more deals flowing their way. After all, they are investors. ;)

- Their respective brands will stay top of mind. All of them are relatively popular as VCs, but the half-life of fame decreases yearly due to the fleeting nature of social media. Basically, if they don't create content, they'll see less deals over time.

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