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How I Plan To Buy Agencies With The Rise Of AI

+ Finding quick content ideas

👾 Leveling Up 👾

Welcome to Leveling Up. Today’s newsletter is a 4-minute read. 

Here are some things we’re going to cover: 

  • Finding quick ideas for content

  • Ahrefs’ guide on how to do keyword research

  • The one thing stronger than AI

Eric Siu :)

Actionable Tip

You’ve probably heard of The Agency Owner's Association (AOA).

If you haven’t, it’s mine and Neil Patel’s exclusive group for agency owners.

We host Q&As and provide access to strategies, frameworks and our networks – here’s a quick demonstration if you need one (link).

Slots are currently open, you can check it out here (link).

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

🧠 Marketing

How to find quick ideas for content (link)

🤖 AI

OpenAI’s Head of Marketing reveals a huge mistake made by CMOs (link)


Ahrefs’ guide to perfect keyword research (link)

✏️ Writing

A bunch of copywriting frameworks to upgrade your writing (link)

🏢 Business

Did you miss my interview with Gary Vee? (link)

Deep Dive: The Power of Community

There's one thing that won't get replaced by AI.

I'll become far stronger in the next decade.

So what is it? It's community.

In fact, Sam Altman said the same thing. The need for human-to-human connection won't ever go away.

Employers have clamored about getting people back into the office while employees have talked about how they miss the in-person aspect sometimes.

What both sides are actually saying is that they miss connecting with other humans in person. If we're moving to a more remote and hybrid environment, that means there's a hole left to be filled. This is where communities come in.

There are a handful of entrepreneurial communities that people have sworn by over the years. Those are great, but I believe there is going to be an unbundling of those communities.

For example, there's someone I know who has a community for dentist owners. We have a community for agency owners called 'The Agency Owner's Association'.

And the good news? Anyone can start one. Here's how I'd go about it if I was starting from scratch today:

1. Start a free Skool group. Skool is a community platform that operates like a private forum. Start out with a virtual group and offer it for free. This will be part of your customer acquisition funnel.

2. As the group grows, you'll get real-time feedback as to their preferences, their challenges, and additional support that they might need. This will give you guidance on what type of paid community you can create.

3. Create a paid Skool group based on the customer feedback you've gathered. Continue to collect feedback to improve your community.

4. Eventually, build an in-person offering to get people to experience the magic of being together. You'll probably have to charge more to make the numbers work.

5. Keep iterating. I've seen a handful of these Skool groups doing $300k MRR and I believe this is the only beginning. I'm sure we'll see groups doing $1M+ MRR in a year or two.

Groups like YPO and Vistage are already doing 9-figures a year. Demand for connection is only going to go up and community is a great customer retention mechanism.

So go do it.

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