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Why Mr. Beast Is Getting Even MORE Video Views Now

+ New Interview with Orion Taraban (PsycHacks)

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  • How companies erode their own messaging

  • Why MrBeast stays winning (for real this time)

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Actionable Tip

Did you know that Ahrefs has an entire page of free AI writing tools?

It has a variety of tools to help you with content creation and research, such as:

  • Blog Post Ideas Generator

  • Blog Title Generator

  • Content Idea Generator

  • Image Alt Text Generator

  • Meta Description Generator

There are many others for social media, business, and marketing.

If you’re a content creator, you’ll find at least one of them useful.

Here are some great links I found since our last email.

📊 Sales

Founder and CEO of ConvertKit Nathan Barry shares his proven flywheel (link)

🤖 AI

Want to make your own music with AI? Udio does exactly that (link)


Are people going to ChatGPT more than Google now? (link)

📲 Social media

Here’s a simple hack that will increase your engagement (link)

✅ Branding

How companies erode their own messaging over time (link)

Deep Dive: Why Mr. Beast Is Doing Better Than Ever

Here's why MrBeast is getting even MORE video views now.

  • It's not because he's posting on X.

  • It's not because of the compounding of his brand.

  • It's not because he's posting more videos.

Here's what's happening:

  • His videos are longer.

  • He's focusing more on character development. (this one might be the most important in the long term)

Let's break down what this all means:

Longer videos mean an increase in average view duration (AVD)

AVD is one of the most important, if not THE most important metric on YouTube because they want to continue to serve ads to their users. The longer you can keep them on, the more ads they can serve.

So how is he doing longer videos? First, he's discarding past formats that have worked for him e.g. $1 vs $1B boat, $1 vs $100M house, etc.

That's not to say that those formats won't continue working, but if he wants to be the best YouTuber, he has to stay ahead of the curve. That also serves as a forcing function to continue to raise the quality bar. 

He's also started to focus more on character development. Longer videos provide space for viewers to fall in love with the characters.

By letting the videos breathe, what he's actually doing is integrating storytelling into his videos. At the end of the day, humans are attracted to good stories.

The more remarkable the story, the more memorable it is

Recently, they did a video where they were stranded on an island for 7 days. 

I was indifferent when the video started, but as the video progressed and MrBeast and his team began facing multiple challenges, I became more invested.

Because their shelter was outside, they had to deal with:

  • Bug bites that made it hard to sleep

  • A downpour of rain that led to a miserable night

  • Getting lost in the mountains at night

Would I say this is the best video that I've ever watched? No.

But what I appreciate is Jimmy's willingness to experiment and iterate over time.

I know the ultimate result is that his videos will be even better than before.

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Interview: Why Modern Dating is So Hard | PsycHacks' Orion Taraban

Dr. Orion Taraban—a Psychologist, Men's Mental Health Specialist, and host of the PsychHacks Podcast with 5M YouTube views per month—discussed the challenges and dynamics of modern relationships.

Among these are how online dating can decrease the likelihood of forming a relationship, the idea of being “monogamish”, and how marriages often fail because of unrealistic expectations.

Changing dynamics of dating and relationships

  • 💑 Women's advantage in the dating game shifts significantly at age 30, when men's sexual marketplace value exceeds women's for the first time.

  • 💼 The overall best option for employment and relationships changes significantly over the course of a career, making it hard to stay together in the long term.

  • 💑 Men and women's different perceptions of value on dating apps are leading to a larger and larger gap between the valuation of sexual opportunity, making it difficult to form relationships.

  • 💍 Men are advised to hold off making long-term commitments as late as possible to have more attractive options as they age and increase their status, prestige, and wealth.

  • 💰 Men throughout history have secured access to more attractive women by offering marriage, something that more attractive men with optionality won't give.

  • 🤔 The red pill is about understanding what actually works in relationships, not just what you think should work or want to work.

  • 💡 The fundamental game of human relationships is negotiation, and no two games are the same, making it impossible to follow a script for successful relationships.

  • 💔 Men can fall in love with escorts and strippers because they know what a man wants both sexually and emotionally, creating a stronger emotional component to sex.

The concept of love and emotional fulfillment

  • 💔 The concept of monogamish challenges the traditional idea of 100% sexual exclusivity in relationships, and it's a concept that could make the world a safer place.

  • 💑 There will always be a place for traditional monogamous, religious marriage, but there also needs to be something for people who desire a different kind of relationship.

  • 💔 The concept of the adorer vs the adored in relationships reveals the desire for emotional fulfillment and the dynamics of attraction.

  • 😳 You can't negotiate desire or enthusiasm in a relationship, making it difficult to explicitly address certain needs and wants.

  • 💔 "I love you can mean a lot of different things... a lot of these things that look and sound like love are not love in actuality."

  • 😳 Love may not be about positive emotional experiences, but rather the willingness to sacrifice anything for the good of the loved one.

  • 🤔 Love can exist without a relationship, as the lover can only legitimately want a relationship with the loved one if he or she is the best possible thing for the loved one, which is unlikely.

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