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How Loom Quickly Grew to 15 Million Users After One Post

Loom’s $1.5 Billion Branding Secret Revealed

Hey there,

Vinay Hiremath, Shahed Khan, and Joe Thomas all took major risks to start Loom. 

They experienced no growth, maxed-out credit cards, and near-bankruptcy. 

But just two weeks before Loom would run out of money, they caught their big break on Product Hunt, and the rest is history. Today, Loom is a $1.5bn company with 15 million users. 

What made Loom stand out on Product Hunt?

And how can you use their story to improve your marketing?

It all comes down to creating a “category of one.”

Here’s how Harry from marketingexamples.com breaks it down:

You see, Loom struggled to generate buzz initially because it was marketed as another screen recording software.

The problem? 

There are dozens of those. Loom didn’t stand out.

That’s when Loom decided to re-brand as “asynchronous video messaging for work.” 

Same tool. Same team. 

The only thing that changed was the messaging. 

If you’ve been leaning on the “same old” messaging for your ad copy, website, and brand in general, chances are, you can tap into far more growth by taking Loom’s approach.

Our team of branding experts has helped companies improve their messaging fast.

Like when we did a complete teardown of Axios HQ’s marketing funnel, including better copy that made their offering stand out, which resulted in a 24% conversion boost in 3 months.

And when we re-did the messaging for Peet’s Coffee on Google for a 455% boost. 

You can start today by requesting a free, personalized Marketing Plan below. 

Simply click the button, answer a few questions, and we’ll uncover hidden growth opportunities for your team.

To your growth,
Eric Siu

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