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Leila Hormozi's Controversial 5- Minute Hiring Method: Does It Work?

+ 10% More ROAS By Doing This

January 5th Edition

Leveling Up

Welcome back to Leveling Up! We’re now a week into our new format, and the feedback so far has been incredible. Thanks for the support.

In today’s email:

  • 5 helpful links for you and your team

  • New product update: pSEO

  • How we increased ROAS by 10% for Learning A-Z

  • Leila Hormozi speaks on how to hire and fire

  • Timely Tweets

  • And more…

    - Eric Siu

Let’s Link

Here are the top 5 most helpful links to check out today:

New Product Update

Programmatic SEO

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched Programmatic SEO (pSEO) as a service.

pSEO is a type of SEO that uses automation to create unique pages at scale with each page optimized around a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

We’ve spent months testing and learning pSEO strategy for the Single Grain site. In the context of Single Grain, this meant creating thousands of pages targeting agency keywords.

For example:
marketing agency
advertising agency
digital marketing agency
pay-per-lead agency

Results started slowly and have since gone parabolic.

New pSEO pages receiving traffic over time

These pages are rapidly growing our overall site traffic and driving more leads.

If you’re interested in trying pSEO, please fill out the short survey below to request a free plan that’s custom-made for your company!

Interview Highlights

Leila Hormozi

Leila Hormozi crossed $100M by the age of 28 and is now growing acquisition.com into a billion-dollar portfolio.

She’s passionate about candidly sharing the mistakes and lessons she’s learned from scaling businesses.

In this interview, Leila speaks on:

  • How to hire and fire

  • How to be a successful operator

  • Engineering a great culture

New Innovative Marketing Case Study

How We Increased ROAS By 10% And Revenue By 8% YoY For Our Education Partner

The Challenge

Our team was tasked with growing purchase volume for Learning A-Z (LAZ), leading up to the back-to-school season.

In order to effectively do so, we needed to educate consumers first through activation of top- and mid-funnel tactics.

The Approach

Generate demand with upper-funnel tactics
LAZ’s target audience for this campaign was Pre-K-6 teachers and administrators. We targeted them using paid media on the following channels:

  • Paid search

  • Online video

  • Paid social

  • Programmatic display

Capture demand with lower-funnel tactics
If you stop at the upper-funnel tactics, you’ll create demand but lose out on conversions. Capturing demand is where bottom-up tactics shine. Knowing that this was key to a successful campaign, we increased investment into the following areas:

  • Paid social retargeting

  • Cross-selling products

  • Branded search campaigns

We wanted messaging that would bring as much demand as possible, and to do so, we got as specific as possible. To bring their products to life, we created feature-specific copy that resonated with the audience.

We tested over 10 messaging strategies throughout the campaign to see what performed best. Some of those included competitor analysis to uncover untouched topics, new messaging themes, repositioning products multiple times, and expanding and restricting keyword coverage.


Interested in adopting a similar full-funnel digital marketing approach?

Timely Tweets

🎨 How to use Canva and ChatGPT to 10x your design

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💌 Email marketing hack for people who bought from you

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