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My Launch Strategy for a $100K MRR Paid Community

New Video

👾 Leveling Up 👾

Welcome back to Leveling Up.

I just published a new YouTube video on My Launch Strategy for a $100K MRR Paid Community. 

Here are some things I cover:

  • What’s NOT going to get commoditized in the next five to 10 years

  • Why product market fit for community means it's an engaged group to me, and people are actively contributing.

  • The real reason why people want more in-person interactions.

Eric Siu :)

We’ve got an exclusive event coming up…

If you’re involved with SEO, you’ve almost definitely heard about the leak that happened recently which has shaken up the SEO community.

I’m hosting a discussion for this leak on Tuesday 18th June at 5:30pm (BST).

The free webinar will include:

  • A comprehensive overview of the leak, including what was revealed and its implications for SEO.

  • Analyzing new ranking factors that matter.

  • How the changes will affect your approach to content creation and keyword usage.

You can register here (link).

See you there.

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 


What is Black Hat SEO? (link)

🤖 AI

How to turn a simple sketch into a functional app (link)

🏢 Business

Pixar scales back on content, laying off 14% of staff (link)

Will Google continue to lose market share? (link)

🪧 Advertising

How people actually make purchasing decisions (link)

Deep Dive: Marketing Exists To Serve

Marketing is NOT the most important ingredient in business.

I recently had a conversation with a well-known marketer who wants to go into private equity.

He believes that the largest PE firms are all lacking in one major ingredient – marketing.

Through marketing, he believes he can generate a competitive advantage against these firms.

However, I think that's misguided.

The reality is marketing is a SUBSET of business. Marketing exists to serve businesses. Not the other way around.

Even if your marketing is amazing but your product sucks, the business will fail.

Private equity focuses on getting businesses right by hiring the best talent that they can find.

And yes, that talent includes marketers.

This is why PE firms like Vista Equity are so good when they acquire software companies – they have a playbook that works AND they knowledge share across their different organizations by holding 20+ events per year for their portfolio companies.

If marketers can think like private equity folks, they'll gain an unfair advantage. How? By focusing on financial performance and growth while being obsessed with customer success.


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