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Why Interview Podcasts Are Getting Stale

+ 10 psychological principles that apply to marketing

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  • Screaming Frog & OpenAI’s integration

  • Why interview podcasts need a refresh

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🏢 Business

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Deep Dive: Interview Podcasts

Interview podcasts are becoming stale.

People are asking the same questions (or worse, crappy questions).

People are getting the same guests.

People are going longer form to increase their retention.

So what does this mean? Podcasts are now highly competitive, or a red ocean.

Does that mean podcasts are dead? No. 

It just means that you have to go the extra mile to differentiate yourself. Here's how:

1. Maybe DON'T do a podcast. 

Instead, go where there's a blue ocean in your niche. That might be live events. It might be newsletters. It might be something else. Just because people are saying to start a podcast doesn't mean you should. 

2. Do your research (no, seriously)

It's shocking when I get interviewed on a pod and they ask me surface-level questions like 'What's your morning routine?'. It's clear when the interviewer does their research because they're asking well-thought-out questions that cause the interviewee to pause and think.

3. Do more solo episodes

You can see in the video below that even though my YouTube channel gets a decent amount of views monthly, someone called me and actually had no clue what I did for business. Interview podcasts help boost the platform of your guest, which is great. But you have to also help yourself. 

Chances are you have a lot of experience and wisdom to share. So share it! I'm going to be doing more episodes sharing how we're building the agency, our community, stories, book reviews, and more.

4. Get guests that YOU want to talk to

Don't get a guest just because they're a big name and they happen to be on a book tour. Talk to people that you're truly interested in. The conversation will flow better and it'll be a better end product for the viewer. 

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