Why Hiring a CEO Might be a Mistake

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Deep Dive: Losing Grip on a Company

Having too loose a grip on your company can kill it. 

People often talk about hiring CEOs and recruiting smart talent, and getting out of their way.

But that can also tank companies. I've lived it.

I remember when we hired our first CEO in 2018. I ate up all the Twitter wisdom around giving CEOs full agency upon hire and disappearing from the business.

I watched in agony as the culture fell apart and the people became unhappy. I wanted to intervene, but I also wanted to let it play out for 6 months.

It was exactly at the 6-month mark when 2 trusted team members asked to go to dinner with me.

Uh oh.

At dinner, they told me that the CEO was causing chaos and that something needed to be done. Everything I feared was confirmed.

I stepped back in and let them go.

Slowly, we pulled ourselves back from the abyss. 

To be clear, I'm 1,000% an advocate for hiring CEOs and A-players. You just need to be mindful of the 'get out of their way' part. You can have a looser grip, just not too loose.

Trust is built over time. Once it's built, you can trust, but you must still verify.

And even if you are the Founder Chairman, you'll still need to be involved in some way, shape, or form because you're the most incentivized. 

Nobody, and I mean nobody, will have the same guts or foresight as you when it comes to taking strategic risks. And that's often what drives long-term value.


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