How We Grew Page Impressions By 1540%

+ Blake Rocha Explains How To Go Viral On TikTok

January 3rd Edition

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Interview Highlights

Blake Rocha

Blake Rocha generates $10M/month through his TikTok and Instagram funnels. He’s also mastered creating viral content.

In this interview, Blake speaks on:

  • How to make a TikTok go viral

  • How to successfully build funnels between platforms

  • The future of the creator economy

New Innovative Marketing Case Study

How We Increased Organic Traffic and Keywords for Dot Foods In 2023

The Challenge

Dot Foods, a major player in the food industry, sought to grow the organic footprint of its Careers page subdomain to attract more job applications.

The challenge was to balance national and local keywords while expanding regional visibility.

The Approach

We tackled this problem from all sides of SEO.

Onsite tactics
We started by conducting technical audits to fix the indexing and visibility issues Dot Foods was having.

Content tactics
There were an abundance of keywords that Dot Foods could have been ranking for but wasn’t. We started our content initiatives by identifying the branded and unbranded keyword opportunities.

From there, we built a full-funnel content strategy.

Top-of-funnel: Built out a blog content strategy aimed at targeting unbranded, high-volume queries relating to the client's niche.

Middle-of-funnel: Optimized landing page content for Frequently Asked Questions and internal linking to job details pages.

Bottom-of-funnel: Wrote and optimized informative content around Dot Foods as an employer (company pay and perks, day in the life of an employee, etc.).

Impressive results from these efforts started to show within the first two months of executing these strategic updates.

Offsite tactics
In order to increase the relevancy of our blog posts, we secured backlinks from relevant sources to direct traffic to the newly created and newly optimized pages.

Additionally, we implemented an anchor strategy to help pages rank for target keywords.


By coupling this SEO strategy with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Dot Foods successfully achieved its goal of growing organic traffic and job applications in the highly competitive food industry job market.

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