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He Got 5 Billion Views With This Proven Playbook | Ryan Hashemi

Discover the formula that made Jubilee a viral sensation

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Here’s what we’re going to cover: 

  • How to get the most out of a ChatGPT ideas prompt

  • Why content is still king

  • AI being added to agency contracts 

  • How MrBeast stays winning

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Actionable Tip

Most marketers use ChatGPT differently from everyone else.

If you’re using ChatGPT to generate ideas, do not simply start with “Give me 10 content ideas around [insert subject]”.

You’ll get a very average output.

***Start Prompt***

Please do customer research for the [insert your industry, and ideally, it should be at least two words] industry.

Tell me 10 questions and 10 problems that [insert a description of your ideal customer] face.

Please place the results in a table. The Y-axis should be labeled 1 through 10, and the X-axis should be labeled "Questions" and "Problems."

***End Prompt***

By asking questions and problems simultaneously, ChatGPT will give you content ideas for the questions and common problems in your industry that you can attempt to solve.

Give it a try!

Here are some great links I found since our last email.

📊 Content marketing

Using the ‘6R Content Audit’ caused a 1,325% spike in traffic (link)

💌 Email marketing

Having a high spam score might be down to this simple reason (link)


Google technically can’t detect AI – but then how does it know? (link)

✏️ Writing

Content is still king. Here’s why (link)

🤖 AI 

Brands are starting to add AI restrictions to contracts (link)

Deep Dive: He Got 5B Views With This Proven Playbook | Ryan Hashemi

Discover the formula that made Jubilee a viral sensation, from beating a poaching attempt by MrBeast to pioneering digital storytelling.

Content Creation Strategies

  • 🎥 Developing novel formats and social experiments with a cringe factor can compel viewers to watch and see how they play out.

  • 🎯 Designing content with a clear payoff at the end is crucial to keeping viewers engaged and satisfied.

  • 💡 The focus is on creating emotionally powerful content that viewers feel compelled to watch.

  • 🎲 Constant experimentation is key to success, with a high failure rate of 80-90% in piloted shows.

  • 💡 The obsession and determination to figure things out is more indicative of success as a creator than raw talent or personality.

  • 🎥 If the thumbnail and title aren't compelling, the video will likely be a waste of time, no matter how epic the content is.

  • 📈 The two things that really matter on YouTube are CTR and retention. It's as simple as that.

  • 🎧 Podcasts have a high percentage completion rate, making them a valuable platform for content consumption.

  • 💡 Asking hard-hitting questions in a podcast is key to standing out and creating engaging content that people actually want to listen to

Business Success and Growth

  • 🤔 The secret formula for success in building a digital media empire like Jubilee was focusing on getting good talent and making profitable business decisions.

  • 📈 Ryan Hashemi's business Jubilee has achieved 5 billion views and an 8-figure annual revenue, making it a digital media success story.

  • 💑 Jubilee is now focusing on building a tech and experiences platform centered around human relationships and love, aiming to create a next-generation love ecosystem.

  • 🏆 The key to success for creators is unending desire and passion, not just numbers or trajectory.

  • 💡 The rise of creator operators is a trend that's only going to accelerate as more creators leverage traditional business operators to build out their empires.

  • 🎥 The confusion arises when massive influencers rip off Jubilee's content by using the exact same thumbnail design and titling structure, making it unclear who is making what.

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