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Founders Are Making MILLIONS With These AI Secrets

+ Apple is paying OpenAI … nothing?

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Here are some things we’re going to cover:

  • Why Apple is paying OpenAI nothing

  • Reaching 2.5 billion views online

  • What founders are doing about AI


Eric Siu :)

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I’ve got a new webinar coming up.

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See you there.

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How to get 2.5 billion views online (link)

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What happened to your reach on X after likes went private (link)

🤖 AI

10 free courses on AI from Google (link)

Deep Dive: How Founders Are Pushing Into AI

Hosted a founder's dinner recently and I asked what people were doing with AI to get a gauge for how aggressively people were pushing.

The answer? Pretty aggressively. 

On our end, we're using AI to align ad creatives with landing pages. That is, we'll take a look at all the ads you have running on LinkedIn, Meta, Google, etc., and make sure the landing page aligns from a messaging and design standpoint.

Person A created an AI of himself that answers questions that his staff has for him. And it actually works.

Person B created an AI health record scanner that he plans to give away for free. Most healthcare providers have antiquated record-keeping. This should change things up.

Person C is creating an AI lawyer to make it easier for startups to get business done easier e.g. managing your cap table. He's also studying for the Bar exam while running his current company.

Person D exited his 9-figure business and is using AI to improve education because he thinks how we go about educating our kids today is broken. 

On the flip side, I remember attending a founder's dinner a few weeks ago and the general philosophy on AI was 'This is nothing new'. 

All I can say is you're better off adopting a more aggressive mentality. If you're right, you'll leave your competition in the dust. If you're wrong, you wasted some time.

But if you adopt a skeptical mentality, your greatest risk is a business catastrophe.

Choose wisely.

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