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How Footlocker Increased Traffic By 228%

+ Six ways to boost your pipeline

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Here are some things we’re going to cover: 

  • Increasing CTR for emails

  • Tweaking your LinkedIn for success

  • Increasing your pipeline

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Actionable Tip

Need to increase your CTR on email?

Sometimes increasing engagement can be down to making some technical tweaks.

Here are the five useful steps you can use (link).

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

📊 Social Media

Four LinkedIn post examples which generate traffic (link)

📲 Content

Stop ‘teaching’ in your content (link)

✅ Marketing

Why an influencer marketing strategy is essential (link)


Foot Locker increased Google image thumbnail traffic by 228% (link)

🎯 Sales

Three quick marketing tips to help you sell (link)

Deep Dive: Six Ways To Increase Your Pipeline

Need to increase your pipeline FAST? There are some proven strategies that work well.

I spoke about this on my LinkedIn last week. Check it out here (link).

Here are six methods you can use:

1. Webinars

Just the other day, we received a prospect who watched a webinar with only around 40 people on it.

The size of the business? 5k+ employees and hundreds of millions in revenue per year.

It was the CEO who filled out our interest form.

Webinars might not be new, but they still work well today.

2. Weekly experiments

You can also call this CRO (conversion rate optimization). If you're getting traffic to your site, you should be continually optimizing your funnel to improve your conversion rates.

This is one of the easiest things to do if you have a weekly experimentation framework that gets your team used to trying things that will improve performance.

One simple change can sometimes double or triple your conversion rate, which decreases your cost per acquisition significantly.

3. Your offer

If your offer is 'let's jump on a 15-minute call to talk about our product', your meetings booked rate is going to suck.

But if your offer is 'I'll create new ad creatives for you for $2,000 and I guarantee that it'll perform at least 10% better than your current creatives or else I'll give you your money back", your meetings booked rate will go up.

Most people blindly blast ads or cold e-mails without thinking to continually refine their offer.

Test, test, test.

4. Cold outbound

Cold outbound still works today. But you'll have to think about how you can be smart with testing multiple domains, warming them, and then sending them out.

If you're sending hundreds or thousands of e-mails per day from your main domain, there's a 100% chance that your domain will get flagged for spam.

Leverage Apollo to find contacts that fit your ideal client profile, and then leverage tools like SmartLead to help you send at scale.

5. Content collabs

Leverage other people's audiences by collaborating on lives, podcasts, webinars, etc.

My favorite is co-webinar collaborations where we both promote to our respective lists. This always yields good results for us and both sides end up being happy.

You can also choose to repurpose this content to your podcast (if you have one) for additional reach.

6. Organic content

Think about where your audience is hanging out -- they're likely on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube.

These channels frequently reward good content from consistent posters. Once you get the flywheel going, you just need to keep it going for sustained reach.

I've seen people build their entire lead flow off of LinkedIn. It's not because their content is necessarily amazing -- it's because they're amazingly consistent.

What did I miss?

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