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How I Built a 9-Figure Network at 17 Years Old | Greg Isenberg

👾 Leveling Up 👾

Welcome back to Leveling Up!

And for the first time ever…

We have a TIE with our poll results!

Q: Which unconventional lead engagement method do you find most intriguing or effective?

Here are the 50/50 winners:

A: Sending empty product boxes


A: Personalized plain text emails

Both are clearly powerful ideas. I’m curious to know which side you’re on. Team empty box? Or team personalized plain text email?

Let me know your reason why with a reply below.

Now onto today’s content…

- Eric Siu :)

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New Interview

How I Built a 9-Figure Network at 17 Years Old | Greg Isenberg

I interview Greg Isenberg, the CEO of Sora, delving into the nuances of community building. Greg, a master in this domain, shares insights on fostering online communities for substantial growth.

We explore the future of programming, design skills' importance, and social media's power. Greg also discusses the role of AI in entrepreneurship and the challenges of diversity and inclusion.

Networking and Relationship Building

  • 🍸 At 17, Greg Isenberg had drinks with an extremely famous entrepreneur at one of the nicest hotels in Paris, showing the power of networking at a young age.

  • 💰 Long-term focus is key to building a successful network, even if it means taking risks and being persistent.

  • 🤑 Taking a risk and buying a plane ticket led to a 9-figure network at 17 years old.

  • 🎮 The power of community is like being part of a clan in a game, where you feel valued and connected to something bigger than yourself.

  • 💰 Good community managers are worth their weight in gold, and their dedication to the community is invaluable.

  • 💬 He cold DMs people on the internet, based on the content they create, and is not afraid to reach out to them, emphasizing the importance of shooting your shot.

Entrepreneurial Skills and Mindset

  • 📈 Building businesses around community-based products has led to significant success, with the hold Co projected to reach eight figures in profit.

  • 💼 "The future of Entrepreneurship is multipreneur which is this idea around you build multiple products multiple companies."

  • 📈 "If I was starting off right now, I would try to teach myself design, marketing, and engineering and get good at all those three because that makes you deadly."

  • 🧠 Building a 9-figure network at 17 years old is possible.

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-Eric Siu

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