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Breaking Black Friday Norms: How $5 Led to $71,145

Cards Against Humanity's Audacious Move

Happy Wednesday,

I trust you all enjoyed my Monday email that delved into Apple's unorthodox Black Friday strategy.

Today, we're embarking on a journey that's strangely similar…

Yet, uniquely different.

It's a story that further underscores the point we've been making - that in the world of Black Friday, thinking outside the box can yield astonishing results.

So, picture this: Black Friday, 2015.

A time when retailers across the globe were offering discounts, slashing prices, and vying for your attention with alluring deals.

Amidst this frenzy, one brand dared to stand out from the crowd in a way that left everyone wondering, "Could this be for real?"

Today, we unravel the audacious and brilliant Black Friday campaign of Cards Against Humanity in 2015, where they asked for $5 and gave their customers absolutely nothing in return.

Yes, you read that right - nothing.

In a time when every retailer was slashing prices and offering tempting bargains, Cards Against Humanity took a path less traveled.

Instead of enticing shoppers with discounts, they issued a simple request:

"Give us $5."

In exchange?

Well, nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Their tweet rang out with defiance: "We're the only ones offering you nothing for something while others are offering something for nothing." 

It was a bold move, one that left many scratching their heads.

After all, why would anyone willingly part with their hard-earned cash for absolutely nothing in return?

What happened next was nothing short of extraordinary.

Despite the unconventional nature of the campaign, Cards Against Humanity struck a chord with their target audience - those who appreciate the company's signature brand of humor and irreverence.

It turned out that their fans were more than willing to participate in this unusual endeavor.

By the end of Black Friday weekend, the numbers spoke for themselves.

Cards Against Humanity had raked in an astounding $71,145 from their "Give us $5 for nothing" campaign.

Over seventy-one thousand dollars for absolutely nothing.

But the impact of this campaign wasn't just measured in dollars.

It ignited a spark of curiosity and intrigue, driving a substantial increase in website traffic and social media engagement.

More than 12,000 people happily contributed their $5, further solidifying the company's connection with its dedicated following.

The lesson here is clear:

Black Friday doesn't have to follow the same old playbook.

It's a day when creativity, audacity, and understanding your audience can pay off in unexpected ways.

Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday campaign was a masterclass in thinking outside the box, reminding us all that in the world of marketing, unconventional ideas can lead to incredible success.

So, as Black Friday approaches, remember the story of Cards Against Humanity and the $5 nothingness that turned into something truly remarkable.

Who knows, maybe this year, you'll find your own unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Stay creative, stay audacious, and stay tuned for more inspiring marketing stories right here in our newsletter.

To your growth,
Eric Siu

P.S. Want to craft a marketing campaign that leaves a lasting impression this holiday season?

Just like Cards Against Humanity, daring to be different can lead to incredible results.

Get in touch with us now while there's still room on our roster, and let's make your brand the next success story!

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