Amazon Joins the AI Race with ‘Q’

+ Bootstrapping a billion-dollar business

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  • Creating popups that covert

  • Copying competitors

  • Bootstrapping billion-dollar businesses

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Actionable Tip

Popups can be great tools for a website, particularly for collecting emails.

Need a framework for creating one that converts?

Here’s a 7-step process for how to make one (link).

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

📲 Content

Lo-fi vs high-quality content – what the data says (link)


How effective is copying competitors? (link)


Are links no longer a leading factor in SEO? (link)


Amazon joins the AI race with Q (link)

🏢 Business

What it takes to achieve excellence in life and business (link)

Deep Dive: Bootstrapping a Billion-Dollar Business

What if everything you’ve been told about startup funding is wrong? Can you reach billion-dollar valuations without a dime from venture capitalists?

Jason Cohen, the mastermind behind TWO billion-dollar companies, WP Engine and Smart Bear, debunks the high-stakes myths of startup culture.

Is VC Funding Overrated?

Bootstrapping might just be the smarter, not slower, route to immense wealth. “It’s not a likely path,” he says, as he challenges the necessity of VC funding. Discover how he built companies worth billions without relying on the usual fast cash infusions.

Grow fast or die trying.

Is this celebrated rapid scale model just a fast track to failure? Many startups fail by not adapting their growth rate to realistic market conditions. Does slow and steady scaling actually win the race in tech?

Underdog vs Giants

WP Engine carved out its empire amidst giants like Google Cloud, with just 2.5% of the top domains but delivering outsized impact. Is focusing on niches rather than scaling the real secret to outsmarting industry front-runners?

If you missed this interview, watch the full video here (link).

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