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AI-Powered SEO: How To Outrank Competitors In 2024 (Without Lifting a Finger)

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I’m sitting down with Michał Suski, the co-founder and Head of Innovation at Surfer, to reveal our AI-powered SEO strategies working right now in 2024.

You’ll learn:

  • How my 8-figure marketing agency 2x'd its organic traffic with Programmatic SEO (pSEO) and how to do it yourself

  • Setting up content optimizations on autopilot. No hustle needed.

  • Real-world case studies and success stories from industry leaders leveraging AI in their content marketing strategies.

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Actionable Tip

AI has created new levels of efficiency that have opened up a myriad of opportunities.

Need to whip up a website quickly?

You can do so using AI in mere minutes.

  1. Go to 10Web.io.

  1. Click ‘Generate your website’, and then ‘Create website with AI’.

  1. Follow the steps in this tweet (link).

What could you do with creating websites that quickly?

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Deep Dive: Social Media Strategies That Work

Neil Patel recently did a deep dive on Twitter about what works on social media.

Here are the social media strategies that continually work:

1. The hook is the most important part 

You only have a few seconds to capture people’s attention. Think about your hook and test variations on X, through paid ads, or by just talking to people.

2. Comments help more than likes and shares 

Ask questions in your content. And not “yes” or “no” type questions… focus on ones that get people to leave a sentence or two. It causes more views. Social networks know it takes more effort to leave a comment than hit “like”.

3. Adjust your content for each social network 

The same content never works for all social networks. For example, TikTok likes more basic and newbie content than Instagram. B2B content does really well on LinkedIn and YouTube.

4. Talk about new stuff 

No one cares to see the same old stuff over and over again. Talk about new stuff, and your content will do better than regurgitating the same old stuff.

5. It’s not about followers, it’s about engagement 

Sure in the past follower count helped, but what was more important in the past was engagement. This still holds true today. You need to get people to read or watch your whole content. Think of a soap opera or a movie, how can you keep people engaged. Taking people through an emotional rollercoaster helps.

6. Lo-fi content 

Social media was never about highly produced content. It was always about authentic, real content. When we analyzed 3000 business accounts on TikTok and Instagram, we found that their lo-fi content, on average, got 34.04% more likes and 18.52% more comments.

7. Respond to comments 

You are supposed to be social on social media. Respond to comments and messages in your inbox. It helps with future engagement and builds a loyal community.

8. Don’t focus on driving people off the platform 

Social sites want people to stick around, not click on a link and leave. If someone is going to leave their platform they want it done through an ad click… not a link you posted.

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