Why 99% Suck At YouTube

+ Behind the Scenes of a Private Creator Event

January 17th Edition

Leveling Up

Welcome back to Leveling Up! We’ve got lots of YouTube advice in this one, an inside look at a private creator event, new growth offers, and more.

In today’s email:

  • Why 99% of creators suck at YouTube

  • How to grow your FB group for free

  • A directory business making $20M per year

    - Eric Siu

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Video Highlights

Why 99% Suck At YouTube

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • 🖼️ Why your YouTube content is an asset, and if it's not performing well, you need to figure out how to make it perform better.

  • 🔄 The real reason if you see something underperforming, you need to go back in time and figure out how to help it perform better.

  • 🎥 Good storytelling, pacing, and editing are crucial for high video retention and reach on YouTube.

  • 📖 The key to a successful YouTube channel is tight and interesting storytelling, even if it's controversial.

  • 📊 It's important to track and analyze the performance of your content to make improvements and create more successful videos.

Deep Dive

Behind the Scenes of a Private Creator Event

I met people who have millions of subscribers on various platforms like YouTube (8M) and Twitter (1.6M).

Here's what I learned:

  • Everyone has a funnel. I ran into someone who uses their TikTok to drive traffic to their Instagram to then push them to a phone call where a high ticket course is sold. He does over $20M a year and has no employees.

  • People also funnel traffic through Twitter. One OF creator does around $1M a year by herself, posts her content to Twitter, and then puts a link to her OF in the comments. There is no judgment on our end; it's her business, and it works for her.

By the way, the last two creators have 0 employees.

  • Most YouTubers struggle with figuring out how to monetize beyond ads or selling merch. Someone might have 20M TikTok followers and still be broke. Ideally, promote other products, and then once you see what performs, work towards building your own products for maximum profitability.

  • Most of them seem to feel like they're on the hamster wheel of content creation. I believe that most content creators would best be served by being the 'promoter' while having an 'integrator' run the business side of things. It's why MrBeast's manager, Reed Duchscher, raised money to help creators. Creators drive the traffic while the operators figure out scalable monetization models.

At the end of the day, it's still new in the creator economy, and I highly encourage you to figure out how you can partner with these creators if you don't want to become a creator yourself.

Mmore of the attention will continue to accrue to creators as it becomes more accepted as a 'real job'.

If you’d like to brainstorm ideas like this with high-level entrepreneurs…

Then I encourage you to apply to join our next mastermind happening in Beverly Hills by clicking the link below:

Hope to see you there.

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