8 E-Commerce Emails That Always Crush

+ Fast Way to Format Content Across All Social Acocunts

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Here’s what we’re going to cover: 

  • How to make a week’s worth of content from one video

  • Eight types of e-commerce email you need to be sending

  • The power of writing and communication.

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Actionable Tip

Need a way to format existing content across your socials?

Cody Schneider’s tweet just solved your problems.

Here’s how he creates a week’s worth of content from one video:

  1. Record a long-form video

  2. Go to Swell AI, and chop up the video into clips

  3. Schedule on every platform

This way, you can focus on high-quality content and rely on AI to process it for you. 

Give it a try!

Here are some great links I found since our last email.

💌 Email

8 types of email every e-commerce store should send (link)

📊 Marketing

How to generate more product marketing ideas (link)

🤖 AI

Microsoft just dropped a new AI model called VASA-1 (link)


These sites have shown to be the strongest for SEO (link)

🏢 Business

Need to increase your pipeline quickly? Here are my tips (link)

Deep Dive: The Power of Writing & Communication 

What writing mistake is holding back your success? 

Being real and clear in your writing can lead to big wins — here's how to drop the errors and start succeeding.

I had the opportunity to guest David Perell – a writing teacher, Founder of Write of Passage school, and the host of ”How I Write” podcast with 400k+ followers on Twitter.

Here’s what I learned from our conversation:

1. Don’t exploit algorithms for quick growth.

Success is often measured by quick gains in follower counts and viral content, but David describes his growth on Twitter not as a result of manipulating algorithms through superficial means, but by being authentic with his audience. A slower, more organic growth process based on trust and genuine interaction is more valuable.

2. Don’t seek; ATTRACT.

Let opportunities come to you rather than actively seeking them out, opposing the conventional networking and career building. Personal and intellectual assets should do the heavy lifting, attracting like-minded individuals and opportunities.

3. Integrate personal beliefs with professional life.

In a multi-faith environment, David openly discusses how being a Christian and a follower of Jesus is at the core of his identity, directly influencing his professional life and how he is perceived publicly. He states, "That is something that I spend the most time thinking about."

4. Write not for communication, but for deep personal discovery and expression.

David speaks about teaching writing in a way that encourages individuals to "excavate parts of themselves that they didn't know they knew." Writing can go beyond traditional education and be a personal therapy and introspection.

If you missed this interview, watch the full video here (link).

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