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57% Increase in Email Open Rate With This Tiny Change

The Trick to Boosting Your Email Open Rates

Happy Monday…

Are your email open rates in a slump? 

Are you tired of putting in all the effort to create great content only for your emails to go unopened?

You’re not the only one.

Email open rates are a major challenge for many businesses.

People today are inundated with tons of emails, so they just ignore them. To get your email noticed, you have to stand out. 

Most marketers focus on engaging subject lines, personalized content, and sending frequency.

But there’s another little trick you may not have thought of: the email sender's name.

The marketing team of a family hotel called SEMI Kinderhotel wanted to improve their email marketing campaigns, so they tested this strategy.

They changed the email sender name from just the hotel (impersonal) to adding the head of the hotel, Michaela Sattler’s name (personal).

With just that one tiny change, they saw a huge boost: a 57% increase in their open rates.

Someone else who does this well is Joe Portsmouth from the WriteOn newsletter (not sponsored — just highly recommended).

He goes with his name as the sender…

Plus, he picked a relevant emoji to go along with it:

Every time I see that hand, I know it’s an email from Joe.

You may have noticed the sender’s name for this email is a little different too.

Instead of Leveling Up, I’m now sending using my name to make it more personal. I’ll keep track of the results and fill you in on how it works out.

So that’s all for today — it’s a quick one — but the action step is clear.

If you haven’t already, experiment with your sender’s name.

You might find out that a personal approach is the way to go.

And if you’d like help with your email optimization or fixing other parts of your funnel, request a free marketing plan from my team by clicking here.

Talk tomorrow,
Eric Siu

Do you send emails using your company's name, or do you use your personal name or another individual's name?

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