5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

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Actionable Tip

Coming up with new content all the time can be a chore.

You can follow the Alex Hormozi approach – never stop doing stuff.

But if you’re looking for a quick tip, here is Neil Patel’s strategy to find content ideas (link).

Give it a go, and let me know what you found!

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Deep Dive: Writing For Your Business

Most founders hold their businesses back by not writing enough.

Writing is the ability to cast spells on your organization.

Good writing compels people to take action. Good writing aligns people. Good writing unblocks. Good writing inspires confidence.

Amazon famously has a culture of writing memos. If people want to push a new initiative, they need to write memos that include a press release and an FAQ to help pre-market their project.

After the memo is written, the team allocates 10-20 minutes (sometimes more) to read the memo as a team. Why? Because people are busy -- it's the best way to ensure people are on the same page.

Memos force clear thinking from the ideator and avoid half-baked thoughts that end up being time wasters.

Amazon did this with the Kindle, Amazon Video, and Prime. 

Writing memos also allows people not directly involved to see how other teams are thinking. It keeps people rowing in the same direction.

I did a pod recently with @eightsleep CEO @m_franceschetti and he spends his downtime writing memos to his organization. He no longer does 1 on 1's with his team. In fact, if you want to have a 1 on 1 with him, you have to write a memo with what you're trying to accomplish and the due date for shipping.

@SamCorcos of @Levels has 200-page memos in his org and has an asynchronous culture where people are focused on building. He keeps all the memos open to the company so everyone can easily search to understand how they came to certain decisions. 

He spends around 5% of his time on writing and estimates that most founders are not even close to that level.

At @singlegrain, I've been spending more time than ever this year writing memos and pushing the team to do the same. Our decision-making is better because our thinking is clearer. And when our thinking is clearer, we lessen our mistakes.

Memos can be for any problem set around:

  • Product/service

  • Recruiting

  • Operations

  • Culture/People

  • Sales

  • Marketing

They don't all need to be 6-pagers (or 200-pagers). In fact, sometimes just a few paragraphs will do the job. The main thing is to build that muscle in your organization.

It might take a few months to establish a writing culture, but once you do, you'll never look back.

If you want a book that elaborates on this, I recommend 'Working Backwards', written by two Amazonians that lived in the trenches for years. One of the co-authors was Jeff Bezos’ Chief of Staff for a few years so he got to see everything.

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