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41% More Conversions Using This SEO Secret

+ An 8-step storytelling framework for any brand

👾 Leveling Up 👾

Welcome to Leveling Up. Today’s newsletter is a 4-minute read. 

Here are some things we’re going to cover:

  • The power of social media influencers

  • Developing a marketing ‘taste’

  • Using programmatic SEO

Eric Siu :)

Actionable Tip

Hey! Do you need a marketing plan? 

And one that actually works?

You can request one from our experts at Single Grain – completely for free.

Check it out here (link).

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

🤳Social Media

Why social media influencers are still relevant (link)

🧠 Marketing

How to develop marketing ‘taste’ (link)


The best tools according to Semrush (link)

✏️ Writing

A proven, 8-stage storytelling framework (link)

🤖 AI

Are AI concierges the future of dating apps? (link)

Deep Dive: Programmatic SEO

Here’s how to get a 41% lift in conversions using programmatic CRO.

Programmatic SEO (pSEO) helps sites like TripAdvisor drive 112M+ visitors per month from SEO. Their traffic value is $66M/mo (meaning that they’d have to pay Google that amount if they were running ads for all their traffic).

But what people aren’t talking about much is programmatic CRO (conversion rate optimization). 

We’ve seen a 41% lift in conversions across our pSEO pages after layering on our pCRO stack. 

If you have a significant amount of landing pages on your site, it’s in your best interest to do this.

Here are some things we do for clients/ourselves:

1. We use the context of the page to determine the CTA

Instead of our standard ‘Work With Us’ CTA, we leverage OpenAI’s API to scan the page and determine a 6 token CTA based on the content of the page.

2. We change client logos to fit the context of the page

If we’re talking about serving SaaS clients, the logos will automatically be changed to SaaS logos we’ve worked with. 

If we’re talking about E-commerce clients, the logos will be swapped over to E-commerce logos we’ve worked with.

3. We add in internal links to relevant pSEO pages

Internal links matter a lot if you’re going to be publishing a significant volume of pages. You need to provide signals to search engines that these pages matter. Helps with discoverability aka traffic to these pages.

4. We add in links to relevant content

If we talk about SaaS on a page, we’ll link to recent SaaS content automatically from my two podcasts, Leveling Up and Marketing School. That way it keeps the page fresh and relevant.

Plus it’s a nice differentiator to continually show off new content. Shows that we’re on top of things.

There’s a bunch of other stuff we have in the works, but this is just the beginning.

If this is something you want to play around with, we’re piloting this with a few people where we optimize 10 pages using pCRO, guarantee a 10% increase in conversions, and then scale it if it works.

How I Can Help You

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