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Deep Dive: Usage-Based Billing ($30M in Profit with Just 30 Employees)

Will the future of billing be usage-based versus seat-based?

I had dinner yesterday with a handful of smart founders.

Everyone is building something in AI whether it's for their core business or something on the side.

One guy is building a solution around providing accurate medical records. He's thinking of charging $.10 per use.

When I think about marketing, I believe many things should be usage-based. 

Pay per lead.

Pay per landing page.

Pay per content piece.

And as we mature with AI + blockchain tech, usage-based will become performance-based in many cases.

I have a friend who only has 30 employees but his performance-based marketing agency makes $30M in profit per year.

Another company does around $1B in revenue. They're also a performance-based marketing agency.

We're already seeing it, I just think we're going to see a lot more as technology adoption grows.

Smart contract escrows that release payments to agencies once performance metrics are hit will be a thing.

The ability to generate high-quality landing pages at scale that convert will be a thing. Using said smart contract escrows above, the agency might only be paid on the pages that perform.

Updating, consolidating, and deleting content at scale for SEO purposes will be a thing. Same deal with the smart contracts re: performance.

Less smoke and mirrors, more results.

Better for the entire ecosystem because the quality bar goes up.

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