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3 Inbound Marketing Case Studies to Get Inspired By

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Deep Dive

3 Inbound Marketing Case Studies to Inspire Your Own Strategy

In this deep dive, we’ll break down three of our inbound marketing case studies from our digital agency Single Grain to inspire your own strategy.

1) Twenty20: 403% More Web Traffic

The Opportunity

Twenty20 needed to overcome growth barriers by addressing two key hurdles:

  • Reliance on in-house sales

  • Standing out in a crowded field of digital design resources.

The company wanted to focus on differentiating itself from competitors without the pressure of traditional marketing techniques.

The Challenge

In the crowded market of stock visual media, Twenty20 emerged as an innovative disruptor with a revolutionary take on the traditional approach.

Turning their brand mission into a successful company requires a significant amount of time, effort, and creativity.

Despite realizing that they had a key advantage over their competitors, subscription revenue growth was stymied by an unreliable and inconsistent sales process.

Our Approach

We developed a customized all-digital inbound marketing solution that combined social media advertising’s brand recognition-boosting powers with the urgency of search engine marketing’s “value now” method.

We approached the campaign with an Alpha-Beta-Gamma structure that aimed to affordably obtain inventory from enterprise competitors such as Shutterstock and Getty Images.

The Outcome

Our inbound marketing efforts bore wonderful results, reducing advertising costs by accessing qualified prospects who were likely to interact with the limited trial. The client saw:

  • Website traffic increased by over 400%.

  • Free-trial user submissions increased by over 1600%.

  • MQL CPAs were cut to nearly a quarter of their original cost before the inbound marketing strategy began.

2) Scooter Manufacturer: 600% ROI Gain

The Opportunity

For decades, scooters were mainly viewed as toys for kids.

However, over time, they’ve transformed into a popular mode of transportation for high school and college students, as well as serious riders who participate in athletic events.

Our client recognized the potential of this market and sought to tap into it by capturing a portion of the demographic’s disposable income.

The Challenge

Our client was an expert in the scooter industry, but they lacked the necessary marketing experience in a digital space.

Beyond that, the advertising budget was minimal, making it difficult for them to gain visibility.

Our Approach

When dealing with a limited marketing budget, it’s easy to overlook paid advertising in favor of organic traffic. However, we knew it was possible to achieve high visibility with paid traffic, and with the client selling a tangible product, e-commerce ads made sense to try.

We launched cross-device campaigns across various platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon Ads. Our intent was to position the company on as many types of devices as possible, especially mobile, given the demographic.

The campaign was diverse, ranging from display campaigns for brand awareness to product-listing ads for those searching for competitor scooters on Amazon. We monitored daily spending and ROI for each channel and ad, quickly eliminating underperforming ads while reiterating successful ones. Our approach was deliberate, maximizing the client’s budget to achieve the best possible results.

The Outcome

We were able to turn paid advertising channels into a machine that would repeatedly fund their marketing engine.

Over the course of the project, the client generated nearly $1,000,000 in sales revenue, an average of ix times their sales figures, before adopting an inbound lead strategy through digital channels.

3) Intuit: Maximized Search Visibility

The Opportunity

Intuit (the parent company of TurboTax and Quickbooks) is a well-known name in the tax and personal finance industry. They approached us with the desire to tap into a new market.

The focus of the campaign was to improve their organic traffic through search engine optimization by leveraging their current assets and curating new content that would support their rankability in the SERPs.

The company saw an opportunity to expand its reach by offering easy-to-use website-building tools to its customers.

After conducting thorough research and competitor analysis, Intuit developed and launched the Intuit Website Builder, which we saw as the potential fulcrum to drive inbound leads.

The Challenge

Introducing a new, distinct service in a crowded market is challenging, especially when the company is primarily known for a different service.

Moreover, Intuit had to contend with already established, single-focus competitors like GoDaddy.

Our Approach

We felt they needed to gain visibility and increase organic website traffic. Intuit sought our help to create high-quality SEO content that reinforced Intuit’s position as a powerful website-building solution.

After conducting a competitive analysis, we identified the most effective link-building techniques for Intuit’s website-building space and steered into it.

We then focused on increasing our blogging and social media efforts to engage with Intuit’s existing community and attract new users interested in website-building solutions.

The Outcome

Through the combined strength of numerous strategic keyword placements, cross-linked content, and high-authority backlinks, we were able to escalate Intuit’s page rankings tied to highly competitive terms.

This was a prime example of how correlated and diversified content worked together to improve rankability.

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