11 Marketing Cheat Codes

+ 4 Ways to Write a CTA

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Here are some things we’re going to cover: 

  • Making your AI more human

  • New updates to Google Search

  • 11 marketing cheat codes

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Actionable Tip

Did you know there are tools to help you pass AI detection?

BypassGPT helps your AI-generated copy sound human.

If you’re worried about AI being too robotic, then give it a try (link).

You can also find a guide here if you need it (link).

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

🤖 AI

Microsoft and OpenAI sued over copyright infringement (link)

📊 Marketing

Four ways to write a CTA (link)


Google has dropped new updates to Search (link)

🖥️ UX

UX isn’t just products – it’s everything (link)

✏️ Writing

Would people still read content if they knew it was AI? (link)

Deep Dive: 11 Marketing Cheat Codes

A recent post from Neil Patel covered some of the best cheat codes that marketers can use.

Here are 11 tips you can use to become a better marketer.

1. In most cases it is cheaper to give away something for free to attract visitors than it is to spend money on marketing.

2. The biggest opportunity your competition is probably not leveraging is conversion rate optimization.

3. Making paid ads work is too hard, unless you optimize for lifetime value. 

4. One of the best upsells is typically offering speed (faster results) or automation (help people achieve the result with less work).

5. Personalization helps boost conversions, but adding too much personalization creates a lot of work and doesn't help that much more with conversions.

6. Running sales and promotions is much more effective if it includes a countdown clock on your website and in your emails.

7. Spend more time updating content than creating it... it's why Wikipedia ranks so well (no one wants to read old content).

8. Free tools generate more traffic than free content.

9. Text-based emails work better than fancy designs. The main reason is the increased deliverability outweighs the conversion drop.

10. Marketing in a niche is expensive as your potential customers are still targeted by large corporations selling generic goods like toothpaste. Go after large markets, not niches.

11. SEO isn't better than paid ads. Paid ads aren't better than social media. Social media isn't better than email... all channels are great. Leverage them for what they are.

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