10 Tips for Winning Landing Pages

+ 17 AI Life Hacks

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Welcome to Leveling Up. Today’s newsletter is a 4-minute read. 

Here are some things we’re going to cover: 

  • Creating infinite stories

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s personal rebrand

  • Becoming a god-tier marketer

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Actionable Tip

Nicholas Cole is one of the most well-known digital writers of our time.

He’s just recently posted his ‘Infinite Story Outlining Method’.

Using this, you can come up with an infinite story for your podcasts, posts, and videos.

Check it out here (link).

Here are some of the best links I’ve found since our last email. 

🧑‍💼 Branding

Unpacking Mark Zuckerberg’s personal rebrand (link)

🤖 AI 

17 AI life hacks (link)

🎯 Sales

10 takeaways from analyzing 3,000 landing pages (link)

✉️ Email

Are your email send times too generic? (link)

📈 Marketing

Here’s what makes a god-tier marketer (link)

Deep Dive: 15 Lessons From Mark Moss

Dropping a podcast repost today that I did with @1MarkMoss a few months back that is well worth a listen. It’s packed with insights on YouTube, lead gen, business building, and Mark’s predicted incoming inflationary crash. 

We talk about:

  • How he holds a 65% retention rate on YouTube 

  • The upcoming market crash and how to prep

  • The future of marketing and how to adapt

  • Tips for focused note-taking

Here’s what I learned: 

1. Our education systems are built for analytical thinkers, but analytical thinking won’t get you ahead anymore. Sites like Upwork have commoditized technical workers globally, making them easy to access at affordable rates. To compete, you need to have a creative mind. 

2. Most people are afraid of the wrong kind of market crash. They’re expecting a deflationary crash, like what happened in 2008 when everyone sold their assets. Mark is predicting an inflationary crash, where you want to increase your assets. If you’re a business owner, you should raise your prices. If you’re a W2 employee, lower your expenses, negotiate your pay, and try to get more assets.

3. There are three types of assets - scarce assets (collectibles, cars, bitcoin, property), energy-intensive assets (gold, wheat, oil, uranium), and non-scarce/non-energy-intensive assets (equities, etc). Focus on the first two.

4. “It’s not ‘who you know’, it’s ‘who knows you’”. Creating content and becoming well-known makes deals happen that otherwise never would have been there.

5. Mark has an insane 65% retention rate on his YouTube videos. He says it’s because of good storytelling.

6. Mark uses a ~60s hook framework for his videos: who’s it for, what’s it for, and status change, or what the viewer will get out of the video if they watch it till the end.

7. If you’re making long-form content, your videos should be at least 8 minutes long so you can have two ad slots.

8. Mark doesn’t like short-form content because it lacks depth and connection. He thinks long-form YouTube is the mothership for content.

9. Listening to audiobooks at the same time as you read the physical copies can help you better take in information.

10. All growth comes from long-term thinking.

11. Capture every idea and make a list of the evergreen content you want to create.

12. Mark up your books with Post-it notes to make it easy to reread them (reread your books).

13. Take focused notes when you’re at a conference. Draw a vertical line down your notebook page and put your notes on the left and what that note is immediately applicable to on the right.

14. At least 1-3% of your portfolio should be Bitcoin.

15. Mark thinks we’re approaching a cataclysmic event where AI will create so much spam that the internet may become unusable. To differentiate, you’ll need personal interaction (a personal brand).

This only half scratches all we talked through. 

Check out the full video here (link).

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