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The #1 Hidden Performance Unlock for High-Level Founders

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In today’s email:

  • The #1 hidden performance unlock for high-level founders

  • Why market timing is a MYTH (+ how to build a thriving business)

  • How to write the first draft of your book using AI

  • And much more…

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👾 Deep Dive

The #1 Hidden Performance Unlock for High-Level Founders

Start a Micro-Mastermind

Right now, one of the hottest trends is artificial intelligence, with most discussions happening on platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

With a micro-mastermind, you gather all the key players in a niche topic like this (for example, SaaS founders talking about AI) and move the discussion to a once-per-week meeting on Zoom.

In this group, you’d have maybe 8 to 10 people and talk about what’s working well, what’s not working, and other experiences.

But, the idea with the micro-mastermind is that it should disband in just a few weeks, months, a year, etc.

You’re not necessarily trying to make any money off of it.

So you might want to have each person donate $500 to a charity of their choice instead, and send you a receipt proving that they've actually paid it.

That way, there's more commitment because those that pay ultimately end up paying attention.

Then, Level Up to a Mini-Mastermind

A mini-mastermind is one level higher.

This group is where it's 8 to 10 people again, and the whole idea here is that you meet in person in a new location for less than a week.

You’re not only going to be hanging out with each other talking about exciting business topics, talking about personal topics, and sharing content.

You can also do activities and relax, but of course, people are going to be working at the same time. This time is a time for you to break bread with each other, learn from each other, and collaborate.

Oftentimes, what happens with these mini-masterminds is you might say I have a problem. And the other person will say, Oh, I actually have the solution to that problem, or, I need to hire this person. And another person might say, I know just the right person.

Nobody here is trying to make any money.

The whole idea here is that everyone is just paying costs to go to this event.

For example, Eric Siu formed a similar group a couple of years ago, and they have a base core level of around 6 people who can then invite a new person or two every time the group meets in a new location.

Doing this once a year is a good amount because a lot has happened obviously in 12 months.

Things change over time, people's lives change, and people's businesses change.

It's just really fun.

How to Build the Flow and Structure of Your Mastermind

Here’s an example from Eric’s first mini-mastermind agenda:

Notice it shows what happens for each hour. It's very specific.

But don’t get too hung up on making it perfect:

There will always be some issues when it comes to logistics, but it's okay, if you're doing it with a group of high performers, you all should be able to figure it out.

Now when Eric hosts mastermind events, it’s lighter and more focused on activities, dinner, and exploring:

This is what works for most groups:

Have some structure, but not too structured.

You don’t have to make everyone put their phones away or turn off the WIFI to stay focused. Don’t be a stickler, and things will still run smoothly.

Start by Letting Everyone Talk About Themselves

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. It's their favorite subject.

That’s why it’s a good idea to give people 5 to 10 minutes or so to update just so you can all catch up on their lives, their stories, and their future plans.

The best way to do this is by incorporating a Forum Update:

You can see where people are quickly by starting with a one-word opener.

So you can say I'm feeling sad. I'm feeling happy. I'm really excited. I'm tired.

And then you talk about the most important thing that happens from a work standpoint, the significance of it, and their feelings.

Setting the Right Expectations

Finally, go into hosting a mini mastermind with the right mindset.

Your expectation should be great conversations, leading to great action.

Circling back to Eric Siu and his mastermind:

Obviously, there are many more hard costs tied to it when you're booking a nice venue a nice hotel, good food, maybe you have to fly some speakers in, or whatever it is — that’s because it’s a standard mastermind.

But with a mini mastermind, you can keep costs low, which should be reflected in your expectations.

Now, with all that in mind:

If you are a founder that’s doing above 7 figures, then joining a mastermind like Leveling Up Founders may be better for you.

It happens twice a year, one in Miami and one in Beverly Hills.

The whole concept is to connect with people who are high performers at the top of their game, mostly in business media or marketing. And to get them together and you have amazing speakers, sometimes amazing food, amazing activities.

The only catch is you need to apply to join.

If you're accepted, you’re just paying a fee per event, and you’ll join a private founders community with members such as Neil Patel, Vanessa Lau, and more:

When it comes to propelling yourself as a founder and trying to get to the next level — ultimately, you don't know what you don't know.

That’s why you should strongly consider starting or joining a micro, mini, or standard mastermind group.

If you’d like to apply to see if you can join Leveling Up Founders, then register here and secure your spot before the upcoming August event.

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  3. CRO Manager (Single Grain). Remote | F/T | Analyze web data to monitor website performance and identify areas of opportunity. Execute CRO activities to help achieve overall marking goals and objectives for assigned clients and more. (Full job description here.)

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